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Happy Clients.

Bronwyn and the UNIQsol team take genuine interest in us not only as their clients but as a family. Bron regularly visits our farm and is very hands on she even got dirt under her fingernails which weappreciated. Over the last few years it has been very beneficial to have a mediator between our entities and partners looking in with new ideas to help us improve our business. Bronwyn takes a keen interest in assisting us with our succession planning and business development, she has helped us plan for our future along with partnering with our children to also help them plan for their futures.

KS & GM Phelps

We really enjoyed having Bronwyn come to our property and stay with us. She takes a real interest in her clients & their businesses. We appreciated talking figures and having an outsider looking in allowing us to think differently about our business. I enjoyed talking to Bronwyn about life in general, she has a wonderful attitude to life.

RR & SR Ferrier

My wife and I have been clients of Bronwyn Holzheimer for about half a dozen years, after some quite traumatic and stressful years with another accountant in Hervey Bay. Bronwyn and her team fixed all the errors, made amends for the lost paperwork and got us all squared up with our tax and compliance obligations again. Aside from incompetence, it seems to me there are passive accountants who really are just book-keepers and there are active accountants who make valuable suggestions and help with forward financial planning. These are the accountants that give real value for the fees they charge. Bronwyn is one of those accountants.

R & G Watts

Overcome your fear of finances with our tax accountants

If you are confused or don’t know where to start when it comes to managing your finances, you are definitely not alone.


Figures show that around 20 per cent of adults are confused about their personal finances and/or lack the confidence to make big decisions to improve their situation. Of these numbers, around one-third of all adults feel uncomfortable at the very thought of discussing money.


There are many reasons why so many people don’t have the confidence to manage and improve their personal financial situations. It can begin with a lack of education from a young age, leading to confusion in adult life.


There is also the day to day confusion of managing busy lives, juggling work, families, health and everything else in between – and there’s just not enough minutes in the day.


Add to that uncertainty at a global level and events that make job security and financial security very delicate, it is easy to understand why so many people don’t know what to do or where to turn next.

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Let us regain your confidence

UNIQsol helps give you the tools you need to cut through the noise and become clear on your future.


We are not here to simply offer advice, we want to work directly with you and help manage your fears and anxieties, putting you at ease and setting up lifelong plans that you will be able to manage yourself.


Don’t let your fear or past experiences influence your future. Our team of tax accountants and agents in Hervey Bay will help guide you to a place of confidence. Take control of your future pathways and feel empowered to face every challenge that comes your way.


Come and have a chat with us today and take that first step towards independence.