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Retirement Planning & Advice in Hervey Bay

For many people across Hervey Bay, preparing for retirement is as simple as collecting their superannuation at the appropriate age. But the sobering reality is that most Australians will not have money to fund their retirement unless they take steps to prepare and plan in advance.


There are a number of factors that influence our superannuation. Global events like the financial crisis of 2007–08 and the COVID-19 pandemic of 2019-20 have both impacted funds in a major way.


Rising levels of inflation is also a factor, a dollar earned today will not be worth the same dollar tomorrow. Additionally, legislative changes over your lifetime will also impact how much tax you are liable to pay, how superannuation is managed and even what age you can collect it.


A rising life expectancy also means that we need to fund many more years of retirement, which is ultimately a great pathway to look forward to, but it still needs to be planned for.


UNIQsol can you meet these challenges with information, retirement advice and guidance on how to prepare for your post-work years and enjoy the nest egg that you deserve.

Our process as retirement planners in Hervey Bay

We will work with you to budget what you will need to fund all of your essentials and your luxury and lifestyle goals in retirement, putting together an ultimate figure to work towards.


Then we can help you work out how much you should be contributing to your super on top of your employer’s scheme and whether those payments are affordable and not going to impact your life now.


And we can guide you through all of the different superannuation options, discover which funds are right for you and help you improve your confidence to check and manage your account(s) for the best possible outcome in retirement.

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