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At UNIQsol we place a lot of value on reaching out to our clients and the general public; and to that end we are running a series of workshops to further help business owners get ahead and stay in that lane.

Bronwyn recently hosted a workshop called Building Efficiencies in Hervey Bay with 20 participants. Any expert business advisor recognises that they are not the sole font of knowledge — and if they think they are, they need a wakeup call!

Bronwyn had niftily organised a whole pool of other professionals to attend the seminar, including a growth mentor, an insurance expert, a financial planner, a banker and an HR advisor.

The day focussed on the things that business owners could do differently to be more efficient in their own practice. Who could they outsource to that would free up their time, and enable them to focus on their business? What other types of organisations could they reach out to for help?

The presentations and interactive sessions armed them with a host of useful information, and certainly challenged them!

In the afternoon, Bronwyn led a very practical session on cash flow, an important framework of every good business.

Watch this space and our Facebook posts as more sessions are planned further down the track.

Remember — you never have to go any business alone with UNIQsol. If our experts can’t help you we will point you in the direction to someone who can.