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“Bronwyn is so easy to talk to,” said Fenn Nielson, a rural client of UNIQsol.

The Nielsons are one of the few local pineapple growers that pick the fruit every single week, yep, a staggering 52 weeks per year.

“Most of the pineapples you see up and down the Fraser Coast will have come from us,” Fenn told me.

“We have cattle and some other properties and investments as well, and over the past four years, Bronwyn has helped us put strategies in place and plan for ourselves and our family.”

Anyone who knows Bronwyn is aware that there is nothing she likes better than visiting clients in their own environment — this gives her a much better understanding of the issues at hand.

The crux of any good business is a good accounting system and Bronwyn helped the family transition over from a time-consuming, cumbersome one, to Xero. Using this has freed up a lot of time previously spent in the office, allowing more ‘hands on’ hours for this busy family.

“We have been picking pineapples for 40 years now, and the demanding nature of the industry often leaves us little time to work with the cattle or anything else. The mark up on the product could also be better, but we have to be satisfied with what we get,” Fenn said.

Fenn and his wife, Terry, work tirelessly on the properties alongside their five staff, but feel more comfortable since using UNIQsol’s services.

“With Bronwyn’s help we feel a lot more organised and we now have clear plans in place for our family.”