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Emily comes from a background in commercial accounting and, since mid 2016, has quickly learned the ropes of her role here at UNIQsol. The change came when she followed her boyfriend (now husband) to the Hervey Bay region, as she couldn’t bear to let him escape.

Emily looks forward to the challenges each day presents, with a cup of tea beside her, she tackles each task as it comes, always striving for absolute quality and the best outcome for each and every customer. Her passion for small businesses and seeing them grow and succeed brings excitement to her work and she is always asking the question: how can we support them even more to achieve their goals?

Emily has a quick mind, and eye for analysis and a heart for teaching. Her love to see her clients grow and learn makes her eager to walk alongside each client providing them with the knowledge and information they require to support every business decision.

And once all that is done each day, she looks forward to the opportunity to come home to her husband and two little kids. Together they enjoy the local parks, playgroups, the beach, and of course, Disney Plus and Netflix. While every day is not always relaxing (as it goes with most little kids) she relishes in the moments of joy with her family and wouldn’t trade it for the world.







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