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My name is Rebecca Jackson. The things I love to do in my spare time are reading Sci Fy or fantasy books. I enjoy playing tennis and spending time outdoors with my family and also relaxing and watching Netflix (when I’m not working of course!)

What I like most about working at UNIQsol is that every day is different and this role that I am currently in is very different from anything I have done previously so I enjoy the challenge of learning about a new industry and absorbing the new skills I am learning. I am most passionate about making a lasting impression on the client which gives them a wonderful experience when they think of UNIQsol. I joined UNIQsol in November 2018  and really appreciated the welcoming and friendly nature of everyone who works here. Some skills that I think I bring to the team are thinking outside the box, initiative and a sense of humour. My expertise lies within the hospitality industry, having spent the last 15 years working in restaurants, bars and hotels but I am learning quickly within this one.

I am a tad obsessed with Harry Potter, my cats are named Luna and George, I have a bird names Fawkes and two tattoos – one of Harry’s glasses and one of the deathly hallows (with more planned!). I also cannot remember how many times I have read each book and watched the movies!