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A Chief Financial Officer’s (CEO) role has the responsibility of all things, yes, you guessed, related to money! In a company this usually means looking after finances, financial planning, risk management and financial reporting.

If you are a small to medium size business owner you will more than likely be a Jack of all trades, stretching yourself across roles which include planning, marketing, sales and finance.

We believe that all small to medium sized businesses need some resource dedicated to the area of finance and a popular services that we offer is a CFO Service — this is usually taken up on a part time basis.

Having someone work with you in this area can help develop and add value to your business. After chatting to you to gain a good understanding of your business, we present you with a proposal detailing the services and delivery times that we think will be beneficial for you moving forward.

Using such a service can help with the growth of your business and add value to the bottom line.

We are flexible in the delivery of this service, and our professional consultations can be conducted at your place of business or in our boardroom, or both.

We also charge a fixed fee upfront so there are no nasty surprises!

Get ahead and get your own CFO.