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Whether you are using a broker to look for a business or combing through a businesses for sale website, there are lots of things to consider before you start signing on the dotted line.

It is easy to get lost in the excitement of choosing the perfect opportunity to pour yourself and your savings into.

It is great to keep up the positive momentum whilst looking, but you also need to identify the bushiness’ past successes, failures and strategies; you can more than likely learn a few things from what worked and what didn’t.

It is a well know fact that many small businesses fail in the first few years of operating — why is this?

It can be a combination of many things, but an important one is that you need to be aware of exactly what to look for when carrying out your due diligence. Another is having an in depth understanding of your own finances and assets and your expected cash flow.  You will also need strategies in place that can carry you through potential down turns in the business.

We can support and mentor you in all of the above stages, and set you on the right track for success and the financial freedom that you want.