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Richard Watt Optometrist is a landmark in eye care in Hervey Bay, and has been so for an amazing 30 years. Starting a business in any profession is often a struggle, but lasting over three decades is phenomenal!

Richard and Gwen are UNIQsol clients, and we are happy to be celebrating their success with them.

The motto of the business and Richard’s personal mission in life is ‘be honest, friendly, and professional’ and this is serving him well on both fronts.

The Watts are known not only for their successful full scope optometry business, but also for their love of community. There are few groups across this sector that they do not touch.

The team provide vision screening across a dozen schools in Hervey Bay and the service is free for Grades 1 and 4. They do this to try and support the 25 per cent of school children who have vision problems, but who may not normally be tested.

For the last 15 years Richard has been volunteering at the low vision clinics run at the Village Community Health Centre, which is run by Guide Dogs for the Blind.

The practice sponsors local sporting clubs and teams as well; they are a major sponsor for the Bay Power Under 15’s AFL. Richard and Gwen are Rotarians and both have been awarded the Paul Harris Fellowship, an outstanding honour for service above self.

They are also active members of Bayside Christian Church.

With such an extensive community network, it is no wonder that the business’ recent thirtieth birthday was a giant party, enjoyed by many locals from all areas of Hervey Bay.

Congratulations Richard and Gwen, and we look forward to supporting you in your business for many years to come.