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The end of your working life may be a huge adjustment on many levels, but none more than in the area of finance. It can be pretty hard to get used to not having your employer’s direct debit effortlessly going into your bank account each month, not to mention having your super grow and your annual leave quietly clocking up.

We can map out all we like for this period of our lives but often things don’t go to plan. Unforeseen events in our lives and in the general economy can appear in front of us like road blocks.

It is a great idea to talk to a financial planner before going into retirement. A planner is qualified to give you advice and suggest strategies that can help you smoothly transition into this period of your life.

There are so many things that we don’ t know about  how to earn an income from our hard-earned money, such as various deposits, funds and bonds —  and a finance professional can give you information on these as well as current trends and options.

You have worked hard to get this place in your life — learn how to self manage your money so you can properly enjoy your golden years.